Facebook auto scroll view reaction

28 Sep 2022
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let timePerAction = 100; //0.1s
let timeClearInterval = 60000; //60s
let scrollPixel = 100;

let flatVnScroll = setInterval(function () {
    document.getElementsByClassName("r7ybg2qv qbc87b33 jk4gexc9 alzwoclg cqf1kptm lq84ybu9 g4tp4svg ly56v2vv h67akvdo ir1gxh3s sqler345 by1hb0a5 id4k59z1 jfw19y2w om3e55n1 b95sz57d mm05nxu8 izce65as kzemv7a0 q46jt4gp oxkhqvkx r5g9zsuq nch0832m")[0].scrollBy(0, scrollPixel);
}, timePerAction);

setTimeout(function () {
}, timeClearInterval);

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